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1. Arrive Early – When you have a confirmed tee time arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your time. If you are late you may not be able to get on the course and still be charged. Call the course if running late!

2. When you arrive at course – Go to pro shop/starter and let them know you are here. Present your golf voucher if on a package.

3. Carts – Carts are required. If carts are not included in your package, be prepared to pay at the course. The average cost is $20.00 per person. No personal checks accepted.

4. Rain/Bad Weather – If it is raining where you are staying, it may not be raining at the golf course. Call the course to see if they are open. Get the name of person you spoke with.

5. Rain Check – If the course is closed they will offer you a rain check. You have to go to the golf course to get your rain check.

If you want a refund instead of a rain check your Golf Director must call the golf course to verify they were closed and if the refund will be allowed. Each golf course will vary in what they will do!

6. Frost Delay – Just what it says. Delays due to frost. No refunds are normally allowed due to frost delays. The starter will get you out as soon as possible. Call golf course and find out.

7. Replays – To get a guaranteed replay, you have to pre-book it and pay normal rate. If you want to take a chance, when you check in ask them at the pro shop about a replay. If they have times available, you may get a reduced rate.

8. Cancellations/Changes – If you have a confirmed tee time and have to cancel or reduce the number of golfers. You must call your Golf Director or Golf Course 72 hours (per foursome) prior to your tee time. Some locations may charge you for cancellations/changes, ask your Golf Director.

9. Double Tee – Most courses “Double Tee”, which means from daylight, (7:00 or 7:30) until approx. 9:30 they will start golfers off on #1 and #10. There are no times available from 9:30 until 12:00 (noon). At 12:00 (noon) they “Double Tee” again.

10. Spikes – Most courses require “soft spikes”.

11. Coolers – Ice coolers are normally not allowed.

12. Attire – Proper dress is required, no tank tops, short-shorts or blue jeans.

13. Groups – All courses only allow a maximum of 4 golfers in a group. If you are a threesome, they put a single with you, a twosome another twosome with you.

14. Course Maintenance – Most of the courses “Aerate”, “Sand” or “Overseed” in May and September (subject to weather). Ask your Golf Director when booking tee times.

Please use golf etiquette, avoid slow play AND always have fun!